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01 Jewelry Ltd, a class “A” factory, ranks the second biggest supplier of silver charms and beads and fashion jewelry, located at Panyu, China. 01Jew was established in 2007 with 32 professionals, engineers and technicians, and our factory is equipped with full advanced facilities and technical library providing fast turnaround prototyping (14 days) with SOP (Standard Operation Process) for trouble-free manufacturing. We also provide punctual delivery schedule (3 weeks) with ONE to N pieces of the same look and good quality under RoHS standard. Our sophisticated stone gluing process, in particular, records 99.5% pass rate in the production run. The customers' product proprietary and confidentiality are our major concern. In fact, we have created over 1,000 designs using silver charms beads and 500 silver items directly and indirectly for leading brand names such as Chamilia, Signet, Swarovski, Quality Gold, Royal Chain Group, Lafonn and Disney licensed items. We cannot only help our customer to sustain a high quality standard, but also shorten the whole product development cycle by half, virtually double their output at the same period of time, and guarantee the product time to market. As a result, our customer could be able to benefit from working with us by keeping the Quality, Design & Cost leadership in the competitive market environment. Dance stone I would like to share with you the good news that we have licensed “Dancing Stone” technology known as a diamond/stone setting technology that keeps the stones moving finely and twinkling as if they were dancing. Under this technology, the stones will absorb a small amount of energy emitted from a body, and may be used for any other gems design. We have worked closely with Crossfor to get hold of the technology and our team has done a great job to get through all the difficulties obtaining the qualification from Crossfor. After tackling the problem and the difficulty in mass production, we were able to have a great breakthrough and this unique setting is now ready for volume production. (I heard from Crossfor there is one Indian company which can only make samples but failed in the final mass production process). Finally, we are delighted to announce the launching of this spectacular dance stone design to the market on Dec 18. Welcome to Shop online: http://www.dancingstone.net/


  1. 925 银手镯
    925 银手镯
    定价 52.24美元(¥346.4) 170.99美元(¥1133.7) /件
    • 银首饰
      定价 43.69美元(¥289.7) 142.49美元(¥944.7) /件
      • Dancing Stone 925 银旋转星愿项链
        Dancing Stone 925 银旋转星愿项链
        定价 18.99美元(¥125.9) 59.99美元(¥397.7) /件
        • 钻石首饰
          定价 46.54美元(¥308.6) 151.99美元(¥1007.7) /对
          • Dancing Stone 施华洛世奇粉锆石 925 银耳环
            Dancing Stone 施华洛世奇粉锆石 925 银耳环
            定价 57.94美元(¥384.1) 189.99美元(¥1259.6) /件
            • Dancing Stone 施华洛世奇粉锆石 925 银耳环
              Dancing Stone 施华洛世奇粉锆石 925 银耳环
              定价 32.29美元(¥214.1) 104.49美元(¥692.8) /件
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